Chef’s Table
Here the magic begins.

The magic of a restaurant happens in the kitchen. The people who work there set the energy of the space. The team's movements create unique sounds that never repeat themselves: the number of sounds, their volume, and where they come from are always different. This creates an indescribable feeling of how the restaurant breathes at different times of the day. During the day, there is a unique atmosphere filled with peace and tranquility. Breathing is even and meditative. In the evening, however, the atmosphere changes. Breathing becomes more frequent, but still remains deep. Each visit to the restaurant is a unique experience that leaves you with a new emotion.


Chef’s Table

Chef's Table in Moscow is a modern format of signature cuisine. At the table of an open kitchen, guests have a unique opportunity to explore the spectacular process of cooking, as if they were watching a theatre play. The open kitchen lives its own life. During the day it is quieter and calmer but, in the evening, guests can observe how the chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurant prepare their dishes with artistry and precision allowing visitors to get a front-row seat to the culinary theatre.

ARTEST is one of the best restaurants in Moscow. In 2022, ARTEST received 2 MICHELIN stars.

ARTEST offers to its guests a remarkable experience:

  • Great gastronomic variety – here you will find dishes that are not available in other restaurants in Moscow. The restaurant’s Chef, Artem Estafiev, invites guests to explore unique ingredients created in ARTLAB, the restaurant's laboratory on the ground floor;
  • Unique interior design featured in many famous rankings;
  • Chef's Table is an opportunity to personally communicate with the restaurant's chefs, to witness their masterful cooking and learn about their approach to creating dishes, as well as their perspective on the combination of products.

If you wish to taste signature dishes while watching the process of how they are being created, you can make a reservation and visit Chef's Table at ARTEST.